Payroll Outsourcing

Experts in processes and technology for payroll calculation

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Payroll Outsourcing
Ono Payroll

We integrate specialists, world-class processes, and cutting-edge technology to become an extension of your payroll department, through robust infrastructure, solid knowledge, and management experience with over 150 corporates across Latin America, ensuring compliance with your payroll obligations.

Payroll Outsourcing?

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You will have the confidence to delegate the processing and calculation of your payroll to experts in taxes and social security, ensuring the correct payment to your employees.

With our service, you will get the best in technology to optimize the operational processes of your payroll, ranging from data entry, access to our software for queries, to the generation of reports and communications with other systems that require payroll information, such as bank dispersal, tax payment, social security, and accounting systems.

You will have a robust infrastructure, with which we back up all the processed payroll information, ensuring that it is always available and secure.

You will eliminate possible information leaks; Grupo Ono trains all its operational staff in mechanics of personal data protection, and each employee signs a confidentiality agreement with which we commit to safeguarding all your payroll information.

Savings in money and time on:

With our service, you gain benefits that you would have to acquire directly if you processed your payroll internally, such as:

  • Specialist staff in tax and social security calculation
  • Updated software adaptable to the needs of each client
  • Efficient processing that saves time and money
  • We guarantee the accuracy of our calculations, avoiding fines and surcharges from government agencies
  • Contingency plans with which we can continue operating despite any risk situation.
  • Employee self-service portal, with which you will significantly reduce the time spent answering your employees’ questions, such as balance and vacation requests, receipt of salary payment receipts, company policies, general communications, and much more.
  • Backed by over 27 years of experience in payroll calculation
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We specialize in processes and technology for Payroll Administration.

SaaS (Software as a Service): Software Rental

We become your Systems and Support Department for payroll purposes. You input the updates, create new entries, ‘close,’ print, archive on our system, with guaranteed zero errors in its operation, maintenance and support, process auditing, and continuous updates on laws, without the need to request them.

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BPO: Business Process Outsourcing:

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We take care of everything. From entering updates to generating receipts, filing, and querying, for regular payroll and bi-monthly, annual, and special processes. We only require information through any means. We capture, process, and review to release payments. We become your Payroll Department for the entire payroll cycle.

Additional modules of the
payroll software:

  • Rental of RRHH Modules::