Payroll Software

With our software, you can automate and optimize the management of salaries, benefits, bonuses, and employee deductions. This includes vacation tracking, benefits, tax compliance, and social security. All of this is offered through a monthly fee that only includes processed employees, so you won't have to incur additional expenses.

Our software allows you to:

  • Access a robust infrastructure capable of processing any type of payroll, regardless of payment frequency or the number of employees you have.
  • Adapt it to your information needs in both reports and integration with other programs, such as accounting, banks, etc.
  • Determine salary items (concepts) and their frequency of application and calculation.
  • Have operational users with different access profiles
  • Access to the software online.
  • Constantly back up your information, making it available all the time.
  • Support and law updates included in the rental, so you can forget about maintenance policy payments.

Payroll Software

We become your Systems and Support Department for payroll purposes. You input the updates, create new entries, ‘close,’ print, archive on our system, with guaranteed zero errors in its operation, maintenance and support, process auditing, and continuous updates on laws, without the need to request them.

Employee Portal

Continuing with the technological update of our software, we are launching our app for the convenience of your employees. They will have all the information related to their payroll data at their fingertips, such as stamped receipts, personal information, resume, outstanding balances, general documents such as company policies and/or general formats.

This tool is available for IOS and Android platforms, so you can download and use the application from any mobile phone.

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Grupo Ono Payroll Settlement Software.

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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence (BI) tool aggregates your Payroll data with the aim of transforming it into actionable information to improve processes.

It’s a powerful tool that aids decision-making, aimed at enhancing your company’s performance and improving results.